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A few thoughts on philosophy from my third book of epigrams.
“If, as they say, I am only an ignorant man trying to be a philosopher, then that may be what a philosopher is.”

If your father taught you what he learned from his father, and so on -- then you come from a long line of Confucianists.

The logic of a lot of things is inescapable, but that does not prevent us from escaping it.

Philosophy, the poor relation of common sense.    

I have no idea, and then suddenly I have an idea -- what changed?

A philosopher is a question mark dressed in human clothing.

Professors erect high walls around small fields of knowledge.

Ancient historians believed that nations decline because of a loss of virtue -- that holds up today.

If you can make your points by asking questions you are a modern Socrates.

When I was three I became extremely curious, and that stage of development lasted sixty-five years, to date.

The freshness of the thoughts of a philosopher who lived a hundred generations ago allow me to almost believe in immortality.

The dimensions of a problem change depending on the angle from which it is viewed.

If you engage in magical thinking and get results, you are a true magician.

It isn’t easy to accurately describe anything without comparing it to something else.

As a thinker I have no business, profession or trade, but I do have an occupation.

From Plato’s Academy to the Academy Awards -- we still live in darkness, watching the shadows cast on the walls of the cave.

Anyone who has ever uttered the phrase “you have my full attention,” is telling an untruth, because there is no such thing.

No one thinks faster than a con man, or slower than a philosopher.

I need to take time to think, and that will take the remaining days and years of my life.

I like to think that I’m writing for readers as far in the future as the first written words are behind me.

“'Give me advice,' said someone. Muhammad said, 'Be not angry.'”

Happy Rider

“Everyone wants to understand art. Why not try to understand the songs of a bird?”