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                             A SMALL COLLECTION OF QUOTATIONS
                         Appropriated by Michael Lipsey from 1972 to 2011

Perhaps you can find a few notions that will improve your existence in these pages. This is not a scholarly collection, I've omitted sources and dates because they are a distraction from the pure flow of thoughts. I have arranged the quotes with little regard to the 4,000 years that separate the oldest from the newest. The basic facts of human existence are always the same.

1. Art
2. Death
3. Ethics
4. Food
5. Family
6. Freedom
7. History
8. Justice
9. Life
10. Love
11. Money
12. Nature
13. Philosophy
14. Politics
15. Religion
16. Science
17. Thought
18. Travel
19. Truth
20. Work
21. Writing

Solomon made a book of proverbs, but a book of proverbs never made a Solomon.
                              Old English Proverb   

He hath been at a great feast of languages and stolen the scraps.
                    Shakespeare (Love’s Labours Lost)

Nothing gives an author so mucb pleasure as to find his works quoted by other learned authors.
                        Ben Franklin

My library was dukedom large enough.
                                         Shakespeare (The Tempest)

                              1. Art.

Truly the whole world is open before us, everything waiting to be done.

“What garlic is to salad, insanity is to art.”
                                               Augustus Saint-Gaudens

True originality consists in trying to behave like everyone else and not succeeding.
                            Jean Cocteau

If a man wants to be an artist, he should never look at pictures.
                            Winslow Homer

There are no wrong notes!
            Thelonius Monk

I know I can do better than I’m doing now. There’s another level that’s reachable. I think it’s just a question of time.
                                               Hank Jones, 87 year-old jazz pianist

A man of genius makes no mistakes. His errors are volitional and are the portals of discovery.
                        James Joyce

Genius does what it must, talent what it can.

Every man of genius sees the world at a different angle from his fellows, and there is his tragedy.”
                                               Havelock Ellis

“I wandered through the streets waiting for someone to discover me, to fish me out of the swarms as a genius. I had often read of things like that. But nobody came.”
                               Gustave Vigeland

When Balthus was six, at dinner with his father, and Bonnard and Matisse, the latter said to the former: “Do you realize that we are the greatest living painters?” The reserved Bonnard replied: “If that’s true, that’s the most depressing thing I’ve ever heard.”
                                Fiamma Arditi

Shakespeare resembles everyone, except by the fact of resembling everyone.”
                            Hazlitt, quoted by Borges

“The artist, like the idiot, or clown, sits on the edge of the world, and a push may send him over it.”
                            Osbert Sitwell

“My operation is to erase all categories and regress toward an undifferentiated continuum.”
                            Jean Dubuffet

“I distinguished myself by being more intensely engaged and more intensely focused because I knew if I blew this art thing, I’d be screwed.”
                           Chuck Close

“My language is understood all over the world.”

“I never learned anything from Haydn.”

“I often feel tempted to crush my piano; it’s too narrow for my thoughts.”

“When  I first took my own group on 52nd Street, in 1944, playing our own music, people used to ask us, “What is that crap? What is that Chinese music?”
                            Dizzy Gillespie

“Give me a laundry list and I’ll set it to music.”

“We make a house by the art of building, and by the art of painting we make another house...a man-made dream produced for those who are awake.”

“Art, like the thoughts of men, should be looked at from the point of view of the soul that painted it.”
                    Jaime Hernandez (Cuban primitive painter)

“To “see” African sculpture you must be open-minded, free of preconceived prejudices about what art should be... To understand African sculpture you must be willing to approach it with as much empathy as you would bring towards meeting a fellow human being.”
                            Ladislas Segy
“I must study politics and war, my sons mathematics and agriculture, in order to give their children painting, poetry and music.”
                            John Adams

“We painters take the same liberties as poets and madmen.”
                                         (Testimony before the Inquisition)

“I have tried to express the terrible passions of humanity by means of red and green.”
                                                    Vincent Van Gogh

“Being self-involved and having the arrogance to think that you have something to say and somebody else should pay attention is a necessary component of an artist’s life.”
                                                 Chuck Close

“I have seen born, pass and die many schools and promoters of ephemera -- Pointillists, Impressionists, Cubists, Futurists, etc., etc... And so, I have cried with all my lungs: The louder these bullfrogs croak the closer they are to bursting. My friends, works of a personal vision alone will live.”
                                                                 James Ensor, 1923

“My cup may be small, but it is from my own cup that I drink.”
                        Joaquin Rodrigo

“Stay off the bandwagon. To follow me, follow yourself.”
                            Josef Albers

“Only what is inborn is genuine and sound: if you want to achieve something in business, in writing, in painting, in anything, you must follow the rules without knowing them.”

“How much art to enter into nature: how much time, and rules, attention, and labor we devote to dance with the same freedom and grace with which we walk, and to sing as we speak and express ourselves as we think.”

“Artists dominated by reason lose all feeling, their powerful instinct weakens, their inspiration is impoverished, their heart loses its vital spirit...all rules, all canons of art belch death.”
                            James Ensor

“Exultantly I painted until the sun sank below the horizon, then I raced around the fields like a colt let loose, and literally bellowed for joy.”
                                          Albert Pinkham Ryder

“To the eyes of the man of imagination, nature is imagination itself. As a man is, so he sees. As the eye is formed, such are its powers.”
                                                       William Blake

“Oh Lord of all the Gods, teach me in dreams how to execute the works that are in my mind.”
                                    Unknown Indian Sculptor

“...my dreams were only moments...only drops in a single, undeviating, irresistable outrush of all the forces of my life....”
                            Marcel Proust

“The life that I have chosen gives me my full hours of enjoyment for the balance of my life.”
                                       Winslow Homer

“Be orderly and regular in your life, like a bourgeois, so that you can be wild and original in your work.”

“A song is anything that can walk by itself, a poem is a naked person.”
                                         Bob Dylan

“An artist is always alone.”
            Henry Miller   

“Conversation enriches the understanding, but solitude is the school of genius.”
                        Chinese fortune cookie

“...when Schoenberg asked me whether I would devote my life to music, I said, “Of course.” After I had been studying with him for two years, Schoenberg said, “In order to write music, you must have a feeling for harmony.” I explained to him that I had no feeling for harmony. He then said that I would always encounter an obstacle, that it would be as though I came to a wall through which I could not pass. I said, “In that case I will devote my life to beating my head against that wall.”
                                                     John Cage

“Let the beauty we love be what we do.”

“The present day composer refuses to die.”
                                   Edgard Varese, 1921

“I was a dumb hillbilly kid who liked to sing rhythm and blues songs. I made a good buck out of it. They used to tell us we were destroying America.”
                     Bill Haley (Rock Around The Clock)

“To be attacked as a menace to the theater was the first real sign that I had a contribution to make there.”
                            Dawn Powell

On his death bed Mozart declared that he “began to see what might be accomplished in music.”

“I launched forth on the sea of adventure with the firm determination to avoid the style of any artist and to create a school of my own.”
                              William Sidney Mount

“The novelist screws up his courage in order to invest another two or three years in another attempt to float a boat of original design upon an invented ocean.”
                      Edward Hoagland

“One cannot be an artist without paying the penalty of conceiving as content what the non-artist calls form. This means that the artist belongs to an upside-down world, for content now seems to be something merely formal -- including his own life.”

“All my films are artificial, but then, everything is sort of artificial. I don’t know where the artificial stops and the real begins.”
                        Andy Warhol

“Art produces ugly things which frequently become more beautiful with time. Fashion, on the other hand, produces beautiful things which always become ugly with time.”
                        Jean Cocteau

“Art is the demonstration that the ordinary is extraordinary.”

“Everyone wants to understand art. Why not try to understand the songs of a bird?”

“Aesthetics is to the artist as ornithology is to the birds.”   
                               Barnett Newman

“Man is forever talking about life, man and art. But he knows no more than the mushroom what life, man and art actually are.”
                        Hans Arp

“The ability to perceive everywhere the unchanging, powerful, unexpressible charm of things is what makes an artist.”
                            Ludwig Goldscheider

“To paint understandingly, the mind must be clear.”
                        William Sydney Mount

“When you make a thing, it is so complicated making it that it is bound to be ugly, but those that do after you, they don’t have to worry about making it and they can make it pretty, and so everybody can like it when the others make it.”
                    Pablo Picasso

“I had all the vices of the educated man. I had to learn to think, feel and see in a totally new fashion, in an uneducated way, in my own way, which is the hardest thing in the world.”
                            Henry Miller

“It is sufficient to have a sense of art -- and this sense is doubtless the horror of the bourgeois. Therefore institutions, pensions, honors, can only be made for cretins, rogues and imbeciles.”

“You must manage to establish complicity with whatever you’re drawing, until you gain a deep knowledge of it.”
                                                               Saul Steinberg

I was born a peasant and shall die a peasant. I have things to recount as I have seen them and I shall stick to my native soil, without budging a clog’s length from it.
                                                    Jean-Francois Millet

Like all courtesans I’ve specialized in licking the ass of top people and kings, including Raphael and Velazquez. I am a pig of the highest order.
                                                               Salvadore Dali

“The moment I held the box of colors in my hand I knew this was my life. I threw myself into it like a beast that plunges toward the thing it loves.”
                                                           Henri Matisse

“Isn’t it odd how much more one sees in a photograph than in real life?”
                                                          Virginia Woolf

“Wet, she’s a star. Dry, she ain’t.”
             Louise B. Mayer speaking of Esther Williams

“We talking about the life of a human being, how they live.”
                                                         Howling Wolf

“I have forced myself to contradict myself in order to avoid conforming to my own taste.”
                                                                         Marcel Duchamp

"The first 10,000 photos are always your worst"
                                             Henri Cartier-Bresson

2. Death.

“Art is long, but life is short.”
        Groucho Marx

“Nothing is more beautiful than cheerfulness in an old face.”

“The art of living well and the art of dying well are one.”

“Not to be born is best of all.”
                         Oedipus at Colonus

“I want to go on living even after my death.”
                Anne Frank

“I love long life better than figs.”

“I find no fat sweeter than that which sticks to my own bones.”
                    Walt Whitman

“I’ve always been haunted by the passing of time and by the fact that death keeps closing in on us.”
                    Simone De Beauvoir

“What, me worry?”
        Alfred E. Neumann

“The dirtier you are, the  longer you’ll live.”
                Vietnamese Proverb

                                                     Inscription on Roman tombstone

“Harold Ross took the Encyclopedia Brittanica to the bathroom with him -- he was up to H when he died.”
                        James Thurber

“My body is in turmoil and stress and decaying, but my ideas, my power of ideas and my imagination, are stronger than ever.”
                    William Blake shortly before his death

“Youth doesn’t necessarily mean much. I’m very young, whereas all my contemporaries in Stampa are old men because they’ve accepted old age. Their lives are already in the past. But mine is still  in the future. It’s only now that I can envisage the possibility of trying to start on my life’s work.”
                            Alberto Giacometti

“He not busy being born is busy dying.”
                Bob Dylan

“The thought of suicide is a great consolation: by means of it one gets successfully through many a bad night.”

“Soon the earth will cover us all: then the earth, too, will change, and the things also which result from change will continue to change forever, and these again forever. For if  man reflects on the changes and transformations which follow one another like wave after wave and their rapidity, he will despise everything which is perishable.”
                            Marcus Aurelius

“The perfect scene of law and order is the cemetery. There we have the bankrupt and the bankers, Catholics and Protestants and atheists, homosexuals and heterosexuals, all together. Life is contradictory to law and order. Only the dead are in order and obey all the laws.”
                                        Heinrich Boll

All my wishes end, where I hope my days will end, At Monticello.
                                                                    Thomas Jefferson

“I think that I had better bathe before I drink the poison, and not give the women the trouble of washing my body.”

“Don’t do shit about me when I die. Let me rest.”
                    Ike Turner

For the fate of the sons of men and the
         fate of beasts is the same; as one dies, so dies the
           other.   They all have the same breath, and man has no
         advantage over the beasts; for all is vanity.   All
           go to one place; all are from the dust, and all turn
         to dust again.   Who knows whether the spirit of man
           goes upward and the spirit of the beast goes down to
         the earth?    So I saw that there is nothing better  
           than that a man should enjoy his work, for that is
         his lot; who can bring him to see what will be after him?
                                 Ecclesiastes 3.19

“Old age is like learning a new profession.”
                                Jacques Barzun, just before turning 100

“I want to depart this life with honorable steel piercing my heart and a  piercing epigram on my lips.”
                                Cyrano de Bergerac (Edmond Rostand)

“The secret of eternal youth is arrested development.”
                                              Alice Roosevelt Longworth

“Excuse me for not dying.”
          Joshu Sasaki Roshi, 100 year old Rinzao Zen master

“There are times when one would like to hang the whole human race, and finish the farce.”
                                                   Mark Twain

"Had I a mighty gun
I think I'd shoot the human race."
                                      Emily Dickinson!

                                               3. Ethics.

“All of us lie in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.”
                            Oscar Wilde

“Always do right. This will gratify some people and astonish the rest.”
                            Mark Twain

“I will be good.”
        Queen Victoria

“Art resolves within itself, without residue, the entire moral and religious world, as well as the vague areas of sentiment and feeling. Art is totality, for indeterminateness and particularity originate there, and the abyss takes shape without losing depth, and passion expresses itself without howling, and man appears entire, unfettered, sufficient unto himself.”
                            Carlo Levi

“Children have more need of models than of critics.”
                    Joseph Joubert

“No need to cautiously proceed in dualistic
 terms of success and failure or the
 beautiful and the ugly or good and evil but
 rather to simply walk on not wondering am I right
or doing something wrong.”
                Meister Eckhardt  (c. 1260-1328)

“Wicked men have only accomplices, revelers have only partners, businessmen have only associates, politicans asemble only factions, ordinary loafers have only companions, and princes have only courtesans; virtuous men alone have friends.”

“A true friend stabs you in the front.”
                                 Oscar Wilde

“There is but one code of ethics, as there is but one system of geometry. After a little study, all men draw the same conclusions. The Indian dyer, the Tartar shepherd, and the English sailor know about justice and injustice. Morality is not to be found in superstition nor in ceremonies; it has nothing in common with dogmas. All dogmas are different, but morality is the same among all men who make use of their reason. Think it over, reader, enlarge upon this truth and draw your own consequences.”

“Everything’s got a moral, if only you can find it.”
                    Lewis Carroll

Walking down Mission street I see some of the most amazingly depraved people imaginable.  There is a battered looking middle-aged woman wearing a leather jacket lettered Who gives a shit?

As surely as the tree becomes bulky when it stands alone, and slender if one of a group; as surely as the same creature assumes the different forms of cart-horse and racehorse, according as its habits demand strength or speed; as surely as a blacksmith’s arm grows large, and the skin of a laborer’s hand thick; as surely as the eye tends to become longsighted in the sailor, and short-sighted in the student; as surely as a clerk acquires rapidity in writing and calculation; as surely as the musician learns to detect an error of a semitone amidst what seems to others a very Babel of sounds; so surely must the things we call evil and immorality disappear; so surely must man become perfect.”
                            Herbert Spencer

“Human beings are so arrogant that each age thinks it has invented vulgarity.”
                                                     Charles Dantzig

“It was a Greek tragedy. Nixon was fulfilling his own nature. Once it started it could not end otherwise.”
                                                        Henry Kissinger

“People. Don’t. Care.”
         Michael Halbouty

“The common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.”
                                       H.L. Mencken

"Every man is guilty of all the good he did not do." -Voltaire

                                4. Food.

“I like everything with everything.
                    Calvin Trillin

“He was a bold man that first eat an oyster.”
                       Jonathan Swift

“Don’t think -- cook!”
              Ludwig Wittgenstein

           Better is a dinner of herbs where
              love is
             than a fatted ox and hatred
              with it.
           Better is a dry morsel with quiet
           than a house full of feasting
             with strife.
                            Proverbs 15.17 & 17.1
“No disease that can be treated by diet should be treated with any other means.”
                        5. Family

“My mother charges me a very high rent for the nine months that she carried me.”
                                                       Alexander the Great

“If you want to understand committment, look at the American breakfast of bacon and eggs. The chicken was involved, but the pig was committed.”
                                                      Thomas Keller

“Greek culture is dancing with handkerchiefs and drinking retsina, which is turpentine.”
                                        Arianna Huffington

                                 6. Freedom.

“How many who are yoked together have ever seen oxen?”
                        Gertrude Stein

“Nothing appears more surprising to those who consider human affairs with a philosopher’s eye, than the easiness with which the many are governed by the few.”

“The love of liberty is the love of others; the love of power is the love of ourselves.”
                        William Hazlitt

“Freedom must often be sought behind prison walls, sometimes on the scaffold, never in council chambers, law courts, or schools.”

“For ten years, people struggled on at purely intellectual tasks, without ever risking a word, until eventually they found themselves living in such a state of anxiety and depression that they threw away their lives for the pleasure of a moment’s freedom, for the mere possibility of expressing something of what was on their minds.”
                        Alexander Herzen

“I often think that if I were an Indian I would greatly prefer to cast my lot among those of my people who adhered to the free open plains rather than to submit to the confined limits of a reservation, there to be the recipient of the blessed benefits of civilization, with its vices thrown in without stint or measure.”
                            General Custer

“No freedom for enemies of freedom.”           

“I reserve the right to be a nigger.”
                                Flip Wilson

What's money? A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and goes to bed at night and in between does what he wants to do.
                                                         Bob Dylan

“I hope for nothing, I fear nothing. I am free.”
                                              Epitaph of Kazantzakis

“The American people, taken one with another, constitute the most timorous, sniveling, poltroonish, ignominious mob of serfs and goose-steppers ever gathered under one flag in Christendom since the end of the middle ages”
                                                 Henry Louis Mencken

                    7. History.

“The tradition of all past generations weighs like a nightmare upon the brain of the living.”
                                                 Karl Marx

“History is bunk.”
        Henry Ford

“The forces of natures stir up inside us the entire past of humanity.”
                        Andre Malraux

“We are all omnibuses in which our ancestors ride, and every now and then one of them sticks his head out and embarrasses us.”
                        Oliver Wendell Holmes

“It is not only what we have inherited from our fathers that exists again inside us, but all sorts of old dead ideas and all kinds of old dead beliefs. They are not actually alive in us, but there they are, dormant, all the same, and we can never be rid of them. Whenever I take up a newspaper and read it, I fancy I see ghosts creeping between the lines. There must be ghosts all over the world.”
                        Henrik Ibsen

“History is a nightmare from which I am trying to awaken.”
                            James Joyce

“No past -- time burnt -- books burnt --past burnt. All time factors melted in the now. The now of Charlie.”
                            Charles Manson

Heredity is nothing but stored environment.”
                Luther Burbank

“Hold on to the now, the here, through which all future plunges into the past.”
                                          James Joyce

“Seize the day!”

“Time is  like a river made up of the events which happen, and a violent stream, for as soon as a thing has been seen, it is carried away, and another comes in its place, and this will be carried away too.”
                        Marcus Aurelius

“Nothing is repeated, and everything is unparalleled.
                     Goncrout Brothers

“What has posterity done for us?”
            Sir Boyle Roche

“What in hell do the experts know?”
                Mayor Richard J. Daley

“I don’t miss the 80’s. I don’t miss anything right now. I have zero time for nostalgia.”
                                         Laurie Anderson  2005

8. Justice.

"The true ethical test is not only the readiness to save the victims, but also - even more, perhaps - the ruthless dedication to annihilating those who made them victims."
                                                                                 Slavoj Zizek

“When I declined to give up my seat, it was not that day or bus in particular. I just wanted to be free like everybody else.”
                            Rosa Parks

“Now for the evidence,” said the King, “and then the sentence.” “No!” said the Queen, “first the sentence and then the evidence.” “Nonsense!” cried Alice, so loudly that everybody jumped, “the idea of having the sentence first!”
                        Lewis Carroll

“In the halls of justice, the only justice is in the halls.”
                            Lenny Bruce

“The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.”

                                    9. Life.

“I am here to live out loud.”
            Emile Zola

“I like to live as big as I can.”
        Babe Ruth

“Life is too short to be small.”

“I’m alive today and enjoying what the fuck I do.”
                    Ike Turner

“I don't have to be what you want me to be.”
                                                  Muhammad Ali

“In my five feet three inches I contain every possible inconsistency and contrast. I am astonished by nothing more than myself.”

“What a bore it is, waking up in the morning, always the same person.”
                            Logan Smith

“Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday.”
                        James Gorman’s grandmother

“Beware of all enterprises that require new clothes.”

“I hate and renounce as a coward every being who will not consent to go through two hundred thousand reincarnations on earth until he finally becomes conscious of having been born.”

“...and, from the chaos of appearance, in this time of all times, this place of places, amid the illusions of things self-begotten and self-conceived, one among others, one like the others yet distinct from them, the same and yet one more, from the infinity of possible lives, I arise. So time and place come to a point; it is the Now and Here, this hour that is striking, and all around me life....”
                            Edouard Dujardin

“The boundary of a body is neither a part of the enclosed body nor a part of the surrounding atmosphere.”
                            Leonardo, Jasper Johns, & John Cage

“What is life? An illusion, a shadow, a story... for all life is a dream,
and dreams themselves are only dreams.”
                                                   Pedro Calderon de la Barca

“Something is ironic in the world and it has to do with the fact that what you intend never comes out like you intend it.”
                                  Diane Arbus

“Between the imagining and the act falls the shadow.”
                            T.S. Eliot

“Half the time we’re gone but we don’t know where.”
                            Paul Simon

“Experience is a dim lamp which only lights the one who bears it.”

“Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes.”
                        Oscar Wilde

“The reward of suffering is experience.”

“Resentment is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die.”
                            Carrie Fisher

“Eventually you have to take the stone out of your shoe.”
                        Old saying

“Pissing in your pants will only keep you warm for so long.”
                        Danish saying

“There is nothing but art. Art is living.”
                Somerset Maugham

“We have no art. We do everything as well as we can.”
                Balinese saying

“Show me a rose or leave me alone.”
            Groucho Marx

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”
                    Theodore Roosevelt

“He who does not love art in all things does not love it at all, and he who does not need art in all things does not need it at all.”
                            Oscar Wilde


“When I look at myself in the mirror, when I take hold of my hand and think that I am alive, I understand nothing, nothing of what it’s all about. Mystery is the very fact of existence.”

“The nature of our society is such that we are prevented from knowing who we are.”
                            Ralph Ellison

“Very often knowing yourself isn’t really going to lead you anywhere.”
                            Diane Arbus

“The point is not to know, but to forget, oneself.”
                    Jean DuBuffet

When I was young people told me: ‘You’ll see when you’re fifty.’ I’m fifty, I’ve seen nothing.
                                             John Cage

“It is not possible to enumerate all the kinds of vanity.”
                                                 La Rochefoucauld

“Millions long for immortality who do not know what to do with themselves on a rainy Sunday afternoon.”
                            Susan Ertz

“Is not life a hundred times too short for us to bore ourselves?”

“The Chinese have a theory that you pass through boredom into fascination and I think it’s true.”
                            Diane Arbus

“I write at high speed because boredom is bad for my health.”                                            Noel Coward

“A Jew wants to make it here and now, with people he can see and touch. The Jew is a thing of this world, he wins the bet, makes the deal, seduces the woman, discovers the particle, writes the poem. He is not concerned with perfection, but with achievement.”
                                    Charles Simmons

“It amazes me when I hear people say, ‘I want to go out and find out who I am.’ I always knew who I was. I was going to be famous if it killed me.”
                                         Chuck Berry

“There is no way to prepare for seeing yourself rendered as a twelve-inch plastic doll.”
                            Carrie Fisher

“I was getting a big award one day, and I heard my daughter on the phone saying, ‘My mommy can’t drive. My mommy burns the meat loaf. The only thing my mommy can do is television.”
                        Barbara Walters

A friend may well be reckoned a masterpiece of nature.
                    Ralph Waldo Emerson

“The unexamined life is not worth living.”

“I hate and renounce as a coward every being who consents to live without first having re-created himself.”

“90% Of all people don’t know how to live. They have ideas about things they would like to do, but what can you do if you don’t know how to live?”
                        Chuck Brusman

Appreciation of life is not easy. I have known people who have sat for years in the cafes of Bohemia, who never once tasted of the spirit which has made life in Bohemia a magnet. These people were not in Bohemia -- they were simply present. Really bored to death although they did not know it, and poisoned too by the food and drink -- being inert they were open prey to it. They and their kind, are in hot pursuit of something they are not fitted to attain. It takes wit, and interest and energy to be happy. The pursuit of happiness is a great activity. One must be open and alive. It is the greatest feat man has to accomplish, and spirits must flow. There must be courage. There are no easy ruts to get into which lead to happiness.”
                                         Robert Henri  1916

“If you have a lifestyle, that means you don't have a life.”
                        Susan Sontag

“What is your world?”
        Charles Eames

 “A man's character is his fate.”

“Let us cultivate our garden.”

“Those see nothing but faults that seek for nothing else.”
                                                Thomas Fuller

“The people you watch on television don’t have time to watch television.”
                                                           Radio caller

“In this world there are only two tragedies, one of not getting what one wants, and the other of getting it.”
                                                              Oscar Wilde

“When I say no I’m always right, and when I say yes I’m almost always wrong.”
                                               Dwight Macdonald

“How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.”
                                                         Annie Dillard

“Anyone who gets up in the morning, brushes his teeth and goes outside is looking for trouble.”
                                                   Long Island Indian Guru

“There is very little in this life that makes sense to me.”
                                                  David Shrigley

“Nature gives you the face you have at twenty. Life shapes the face you have at thirty. But at fifty you get the face you deserve.”
                                                                Coco Chanel

“Live in that solitude which is painful in youth, but delicious in the years of maturity.”
                                                 Albert Einstein

We do not remember days; we remember moments.
                                                     Cesare Pavese

No need to cautiously proceed in dualistic
 terms of success and failure or the
 beautiful and the ugly or good and evil but
 rather to simply walk on not wondering am I right
or doing something wrong.
                Meister Eckhardt

Depend upon it that if a man talks of his misfortunes there is something in them that is not disagreeable to him; for where there is nothing but pure misery there never is any recourse to the mention of it.
                                              Samuel Johnson

"The purpose of our lives is to be happy."
                                          Dalai Lama

“In the battle between youself and the world, back the world.”

10. Love.

“Kisses, kisses, kisses, kisses and more kisses.”
            last words of Duke Ellington

“If you want to be loved, be lovable.”

“I had a lover’s quarrel with the world.”
                Robert Frost

“We take issue even with perfection.”

“Lord, make me chaste -- but not yet.”
            St. Augustine

“This night there are
no limits
to what may be given
This is not a night but
a marriage,
a couple whispering in bed in
the same words.
Darkness simply lets down a
curtain for that.

In the early morning hour,
just before dawn,
lover and beloved wake
and take a drink of

“Only with those we love do we speak of those we love.”

When Mary Blair admired a nightgown Djuna Barnes has bought in Paris she said, “Yes: I spent all summer looking for a night to go with that nightgown.”
                        Edmund Wilson

“The penis is the flag of Italy.”
            Italian Proverb

“The entire sum of existence is the magic of being needed by just one person.”
                            Vi Putnam

“I hate and renounce as a coward every being who separates what he calls his body from what he calls his consciousness or his thought.”

“Little do men perceive what solitude is, and how far it extendeth, for a crowd is not company, and faces are but a gallery of pictures, and talk is but a tinkling cymbal, where there is no love.”
                                Francis Bacon

“How with this rage shall beauty hold a plea?”

“It takes patience to appreciate domestic bliss; volatile spirits prefer unhappiness.”

Children of the future age
Reading this indignant page,
Know that in a former time.
Love! Sweet love! was thought a crime.
            William Blake

“Christianity poured a drop of poison into the cup of Eros.”

“When it gets hard downstairs, it gets soft upstairs.”
                       My grandmother

“Sexuality throws no light upon love, but only through love can we learn to understand sexuality.”
                                Rosenstock- Huessy

“...individual life finds continuity through a continuous self-denial, and man makes of his own self a stranger and a victim.”
                                Carlo Levi

“A night full of talking that hurts,
my worst held-back secrets:
Everything has to do with loving
and not loving.
This night will pass,
then we have work to do.”

“Love is the answer. But while you’re waiting for the answer, sex raises some pretty good questions.”
                        Woody Allen

 Yo got mildew in yo pussy!
    Chicago gang girl to another who lacks a boyfriend

“Love does not dominate, it cultivates.”

“Better to sit up all night, than to go to bed with a dragon.”
                        Jeremy Taylor

“You must not pay a person a compliment and then straightway follow it with a criticism.”
                            Mark Twain

“Marriage has many pains, but celibacy has no pleasures.”
                        Dr. Johnson

“Love is blind, but marriage restores its sight.”

“Those see nothing but faults that seek for nothing else.”
                            Thomas Fuller

“Why leave the nut you got for one you don’t know?”
                        Loretta Lynn

“Love tells us, humming, that the stalled engine of the heart has started to work again.”
                        Vladimir Mayokovsky

“Never play cards with a man called Doc, and never sleep with a woman whose troubles are worse than your own.”
                                                         Nelson Algren

“No one worth possessing can be quite possessed.”
                                        Sara Teasdale

                                               10A. Manners

“One should always be a little improbable.”
                                                  Oscar Wilde

                     11. Money.

“Art is a jealous mistress, and, if a man have a genius for painting, poetry, music, architecture, or philosophy, he makes a bad husband, and an ill-provider.”
                        Ralph Waldo Emerson

“The worshipper of money can never achieve greatness as an artist or lover.”
                                    Bertrand Russell

“I cannot afford to waste my time making money.”
                            Louis Agassiz

If a man says to you, “It isn’t the money; it’s the principle of the thing,” I’ll lay you six to one it’s the money.
                            E. W. Howe

“When it is a question of money, everyone is of the same religion.”

“Why don’t they go after all these bankers who took the savings of thousands of poor people and lost them in bank failures?”
                        Al Capone

“Questioning the materialistic values of our Western society is a healthy exercise: but, like squash, long walks in the country, and organic food cults, it is essentially one that can only be indulged in by those who have already climbed, or been hauled, some considerable way up the ladder which leads from primitive survival at the bottom towards the peaks of affluent discontent. Under the faded, frayed jeans is a Playboy of the Western World so cushioned from real hardship that he can afford to scorn the clean white shirt of the clerk. Behind the talk of ‘rejecting middle-class values’ is an essentially soft and protected person living in a country where no one is actually allowed to starve or die of cholera.”
                        Gillian Tindall

“Things are in the saddle and ride mankind.”

A pacifist tells Indian that he would never bear arms. The Indian asks, that's funny, how come you're willing to let others do it for you?

 What do you mean?

Well, your life style is maintained by cheap raw materials, like oil, the supply of which is ensured by American military power.  Your border is protected by armed guards to keep out millions of people who would come to share your life style. The deed to your home is protected by police who are willing to shoot to protect you in it.

“You may share the labors of the great, but you will not share the spoil.”

“If shit were to have value, the poor would be born without assholes.”
                            Portuguese proverb

“God made the poor for the rich.”
                Meister Eckhardt

“The public be damned.” William H. Vanderbilt

“Property is theft.”

...how well those live who are comfortably and
        thoroughly in debt; how they deny themselves nothing;
        how jolly and easy they are in their minds.

“People are full of fantasy. They think we are always sitting down formally to dinner and going to glamorous parties...they should see me in my dressing gown and Henry in his shirt, eating on a little tray and watching television.”
                            Mrs. Henry Ford II

“It’s like the French Revolution. All our jewelry and parties infuriate poeple who don’t have the means to do these things. You’re just asking for trouble to have a picture of your necklace smeared all over.”
                     Mrs. Cornelius Vanderbilt Whitney

“A beggar in the suburbs of Madrid boldly asked for alms. A passerby said to him, “Aren’t you ashamed to carry on this unworthy trade when you are able to work?” “Sir,” answered the beggar, “I’m asking you for money, not for advice.”

“We eat everything on earth that is edible, crabs by way of preference, the bark of trees when we must.”
                                Lin Yutang

“Of what use is liberty to those who have no bread?”
                        Jean Paul Marat

“Money is coined liberty.”

“It is to you in America to whom the future belongs; you are so vigorous and vulgar and uncultured. Life has become once more a primal fight for bread. Of course, the dollar is a complicated form of the food the cave man killed for, and the means of combat are different, but it is as brutal. From that crude animal brutality comes all the vigor of life.”
                    Spanish student, 1936

Hollywood star George Raft once told his bank manager, Part of the ten million I earned I spent on gambling, part on booze and part on women. The rest I spent foolishly.

“He has not acquired a fortune; the fortune has acquired him.”

“Every man is rich or poor according to the proportion between his desires and his enjoyments.”
                                           Samuel Johnson

“I don’t get ulcers, I give ulcers.”
                              Edgar Bronfman’s father

“Buying is more American than thinking, and I’m as American as they come.”
                                                              Andy Warhol   

“There must be more to life than having everything.”
                                                   Maurice Sendak

12. Nature.

“Nature driven out through the door comes back through the window.”
                                Charles Fourier

“Men argue, nature acts.”

“Man has a lofty understanding, but for the most part it is vain and false. That of the brute creation is less, but it is utilitarian and exact, and a small certitude is preferable to a vast delusion.”
                            Leonardo da Vinci

“In the United States there is more space where nobody is than where anybody is, this is what makes America what it is.”
                            Gertrude Stein

The flurried willow paints the breeze’s rush
Without the need for paper, ink or brush.

“Thank God, men cannot as yet fly, and lay waste the sky as well as the earth.”
                            Henry David Thoreau

“I like nature....a little bit.”
        Louise Kanter

“Poetry is man’s rebellion against being what he is.”
                    James Branch Cabell

“It is not really necessary to see very far into the future to see how magnificent it will be.”
                            Orville Wright

“This curious world which we inhabit is more wonderful than it is convenient; more beautiful than it is useful; it is more to be admired than used.”
                                  Henry David Thoreau

“When I was young I was mad for variety and novelty; now in my late years I have learned to admire nature’s innate self-restraint and to understand that such simplicity is the ultimate goal of art.”

“We will first understand how simple the universe is when we recognize how strange it is.”
                                            John A Wheeler, physicist

What do you do when you see an endangered animal that eats only endangered plants?
                    Deep Handy

I feel that a man may be happy in This World. And I know that This World is a World of Imagination  & Vision. I see Every thing I paint in This World, but Everybody does not see alike. To the Eyes of a Miser a Guinea is far more beautiful than the Sun, and a bag worn with the use of Money has more beautiful proportions than a Vine filled with Grapes. The tree whcih moves some to tears of joy is in the Eyes of others only a Green thing which stands in the way. Some see Nature all Ridicule & Deformity, and by these I shall not regulate my proportions; and some scarce see Nature at all. But to the Eyes of the Man of Imagination, Nature is Imagination itself. As a man is, so he sees. As the Eye is formed, such are its Powers.”

“Reality’s never been of much use out here.”
                                    Wyoming rancher

“God is really only another artist. He invented the giraffe, the elephant, and the cat. He has no real style. He just keeps on trying other things.”
                                                          Pablo Picasso

                                   13. Philosophy.

“Better silent than stupid.”
        German Proveb

“Everything has two handles: one by which it may be carried, the other by which it can’t.”

“There is absolutely no inevitability as long as there is a willingness to contemplate what is happening.”
                        Marshall McLuhan

“There is nothing so absurd but some philosopher has said it.”

“Much more would be done if people believed less was impossible.”

“I hate and renounce as a coward every being who cannot think that the search for his life as a being is a study superior to that of giving himself over to sensations or to notions lent by other personalities.”

“Nothing prevents us from being natural so much as the desire to appear so.”
                            La Rochefoucauld

“It is better to ask some of the questions than to know all the answers.”
                            James Thurber

“I know you heard what I said, but did you understand what I mean?”
                                  Ike Turner

“If you can hear bad news with complete equanimity, suffer financial reverses without becoming upset, always greet your family with warm affection, never carry a grudge and are never in a bad mood... you are probably a dog.”
                                                        Jack Kornfield

“There are some ideas so wrong that only a very intelligent person could believe in them.”
                                                          George Orwell

If, as they say, I am only an ignorant man trying to be a philosopher, then that may be what a philosopher is.

I have nothing but myself to write about, and this self that I have, I hardly know of what it consists.

Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit; Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.
                                                               Source unknown

“The best thing to do is to make the puzzle bigger.”
                                             Harry Mulisch

14. Politics.

“In the long run” is a misleading guide to current affairs; in the long run we are all dead.
                            John Maynard Keynes

“Things are more like they are now than they ever were before.”
                             Dwight D. Eisenhower

“We have fallen upon evil times and the world has waxed very old and wicked. Politics are very corrupt. Children are no longer respectful to their parents.”
                  Tablet in Museum in Constantinople, dated to 3800 B.C.

“Running for president was something like trying to stand up in a hammock.”
                        Barry Goldwater

“The party permits ordinary people to get ahead. Without the party, I couldn’t be mayor. The rich guys can get elected on their money, but somebody like me, an ordinary person, needs the party. Without the party, only the rich would be elected to office.”
                            Richard J. Daley

“There is no problem of humanity that could not be easily solved if only they would do what I say.”
                                 Gore Vidal

“Into each life, a lot of cliche must fall.”
                                     Joseph Epstein

“Richard Nixon is a no good, lying bastard. He can lie out of both sides of his mouth at the same time, and if he ever caught himself telling the truth, he'd lie just to keep his hand in.”
                                                            Harry Truman

“A nation should not be remembered only for the petty little indecent things that seem to obsess us. Let others spend their time dealing with the murky, small, unimportant, vicious little things. We will spend our time building a better world.”
                                            Richard Nixon

“Richard Nixon has the anatomical feat of being able to interchange his mouth and his asshole.”
                            Harry Truman

“There are men whose faces are the most indecent parts of their bodies.”

If I were two-faced,  would I be wearing this one?
                                     Abraham Lincoln

Isaac Newton’s only recorded utterance while he was a member of
Parliament was a request to open the window.

“Nobody knows himself.”

“There is no instance of a revolution which did not end up by increasing the power of the state.”

“It is better to have your enemies inside the tent pissing out than to have them outside the tent pissing in.”
                                                       Lyndon Johnson

“You want a friend in Washington? Get a dog.”
                                 Harry Truman

“I fear our own mistakes more than anything the enemy may devise.”

France has neither winter nor summer nor morals. Apart from these
drawbacks, it is a fine country. France has usually been governed by
                                                           Mark Twain

If voting changed anything it would be illegal.
                                            Ed Dorn

“War is good for the economy -- like cannabalism is nutricious.”
                                                   The Freeway Blogger

All theory is against freedom of the will; all experience for it.
                                                     Samuel Johnson

“When the game is over, the king and the pawn go back into the same box.”
                                                     Italian saying

A diplomat is a man who always thinks twice before saying nothing.
                                                                            Marion Howard

"Kiss the hand you cannot bite." Romanian proverb.

                                  15. Religion.

“Do not let yourself be deluded by anyone; this is all I teach.”

“I’ve created a good environment. All I have to do is think and not be influenced by others.”
                                                             Warren Buffett

“Whoever attains the mystery of cleaving to God will attain the mystery of equanimity, and if one attains the mystery of equanimity, one will attain the mystery of aloneness. Having attained the mystery of aloneness, this person will attain the holy spirit. And from there, prophecy, and he will prophesy the future.

“The radiant one inside me has never said a word.”

“Other people are quite dreadful. The only possible society is oneself.”
                           Oscar Wilde

“I know I am awful. But how much more awful I should be without the Faith.”
                                                                Evelyn Waugh

“God becomes man becomes fish becomes barnacle goose becomes featherbed mountain.”
                                     James Joyce

“Nothing special.”
    Zen saying

“The view depends upon the point of view.”
                                     Hindu saying

“I can pray better when I ‘m comfortable.”
                        Saint Teresa

“Everyone in the world is Christ and they are all crucified.”
                    Sherwood Anderson

“I knew I had problems years ago when they asked me what my religion was and I said, ‘Jewish, with an explanation.”
                                    Woody Allen

“I am not a religious man but I can't help seeing every problem from a religious point of view.”
                                               Ludwig Wittgenstein

“I am going in search of a great perhaps.”
            Last words of Rabelais

“God will not derange his general system for so wretched an animal as man.”
                            Lord Shaftsbury

About 1596 a poor artisan in Amsterdam, who had learned to read the Bible in Hebrew and Greek, became convinced that Jesus Christ could only have been a man. He was accused of heresy; the Burgomaster of Amsterdam defended him and said that “on account of his opinions” the man had been excommunicated and the church ought to be satisfied with that. “It is my belief,” he said, “that the life of a man should not be dependent on theological subtleties.”
                                      George Brandt

“Religion turns into poison in diseased minds.”

“If God is One and we are all One, what is bad?”
                Charles Manson

“Kill a man and you are a murderer. Kill millions of men, and you are a conquerer. Kill everyone, and you are a god.”
                        Jean Rostand

“There’s more hypocrites in church than anyplace else.”
                                             Loretta Lynn

“My great idea is that one must forgive the pope. To begin with, he needs it more than anyone else.”
                         Albert Camus

“When you mix politics and religion, you get politics.”
                                                   Rev. Gene Carlson

“God created man out of nothing...man created God out of whole cloth.”                                                      Pierre le Hêtre

“God has chosen Hiati to test out his concept of Hell.” Haitian expression

16. Science.

“Cloth woven by a weaver is just as natural as that a spider weaves.”

“The bird a nest, the spider a web, man friendship.”
                        William Blake

“Either nothing is a miracle, or everything is.”
                                                   Albert Einstein

“Everything is made of one hidden stuff.”

“The nature of the universe delights not in anything so much as to alter all things, and present them under another form.”
                                Marcus Aurelius

“It is a truth perpetually, that accumulated facts, lying in disorder, begin to assume some order when an hypothesis is thrown among them.”
                            Herbert Spencer

“The consequences of universal law lie scattered before our eyes in apparent confusion.”
                            Stuart Gilbert

“Art is I, science is we.”
        Claude Bernard

“In space there are countless constellations, suns and planets. We see only the suns because they give light; the planets remain invisible, for they are small and dark. There are also numberless earths circling around their suns, no worse and no less inhabited than this globe of ours. For no reasonable mind can assume that heavenly bodies which may be far more magnificent than ours would not bear upon them creatures similar or even superior to those upon our human Earth.
  Bruno Giordano was burned at the stake in Rome for this heresy in 1600

“The blind march of science and technology is a more powerful force than the aspiration for freedom and will crush humanity unless stopped.
                                                      Theodore Kaczynski, the Unibomber

“He who lives by the crystal ball eats broken glass.”
                        Marty Nemko

“Seek simplicity and distrust it.”
            Alfred North Whitehead

“There is no subject, however complex, which, if studied with patience and intelligence, will not become more complex.”

“The universe begins to look more like a great thought than a great machine.”
                                   Sir James Jeans

“In the world of infinity a part may be equal to the whole.”
                        George Garnou

“The firmest line that can be drawn upon the smoothest paper is still jagged edges if seen through a microscope. This does not matter until important deductions are made on the supposition that there are no jagged edges.”
                         Samuel Butler

“I think the universe is all spots and jumps, without unity, without continuity, without coherence or orderliness or any of the other properties that governesses love.”
                        Bertrand Russell

“We live in a rainbow of chaos.”
            Paul Cezanne

“Let us surrender to the universal law of dispersal.”
                    Marcel Schwob

“God made everything out of nothing. But the nothingness shows through.”

“A hen is only an egg’s way of making another egg.”
                                                             Samuel Butler

“The scientist doesn’t study nature because it is useful; he studies it because he delights in it and he delights in it because it is beautiful.”
                            Henry Poincare

“The is no logical path to these laws; only intuition....can reach them...there is no logical bridge between phenomena and the theoretical principles.”

...a  different way of looking at the world: Instead of seeing the world as it is, we begin to see it as it might be. In short, reality is simply one of many possible worlds. Once the seeing of possible worlds becomes a habitual perception, the next step is to search for evaluative characteristics of those worlds: What distinguishes one possibility from another as better or worse?
                              Robert J. Weber,  Describing An Invention

“Science and religion are both the same thing. Music is science. Everything is science. Because science is truth.”
                            Chuck Berry

“Music is the pleasure we derive from counting without knowing it.”
                Goethe- Plato- Frankenstein

“I think there’s going to be more and more merging of art and science. Scientists are already studying the creative process, and I think the whole line between art and science will break down and that scientists will become more creative and writers more scientific.”
                                William Burroughs

“Once the mind gets curious, no law can stop it.”
                    Larry King

“I am convinced  a time will come when the physiologist, the poet, and the philosopher will all speak the same language and mutually understand each other.”
                                Claude Bernard

Strain your brain more than your eye.
                           Thomas Eakins

“In the final analysis, everything will be analyzed.”
                                                         Fred Smith

“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.”
                                                              Dr. Seuss

"I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work."
                                                          Thomas Edison

                       17. Thought.

‘The fool doth think he is wise, but the wise man knows himself to be a fool.”
                            William Shakespeare

“If you wish to avoid seeing a fool you must first break your looking glass.”

The reasonable man adapts himself to the world. The unreasonable man persists in adapting the world to himself.  Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man.                                             
                            George Bernard Shaw

“Friction between the self and its surroundings generates thought; indeed consciousness itself is a consequence of non-adaptation.”
                            Stuart Gilbert

“Consciousness won’t be found at the end of a microscope.”
                              R.D. Laing

“Psychology -- never again!”

Great ideas can only be expressed in a great style.
                              Dwight McDonald

Computers are useless. They can only give answers.

“I have nothing to say and I am saying it.”
                       John Cage

“The true lover of knowledge is always striving after being. he will not rest at those multitudinous phenomena whose existence is appearance only...”

Nikola Tesla, the technological genius whose list of inventions includes the fluorescent light and the A-C generator, “could project before his eyes a picture, complete in every detail, of every part of the machine. These pictures were more vivid than any blueprint.” Tesla’s inner imagery was so like perceptual imagery that he was able to build his complex inventions without drawings. Further, he claimed to be able to test his devices in his mind’s eye “by having them run for weeks -- after which time he would examine them thoroughly for signs of wear.”
                                    R. McKim

“The prison house is the world of sight.”

“Blind may not refuse vision.”
            William Burroughs

“The world seems to be wearing a mask, and my mind seems to confront it helplessly; then I discover that my consciousness is a cheat, a double-agent. It carefully fixed the mask on reality, then pretended to know nothing about it.”
                            Colin Wilson

“When I saw any external object, my consciousness that I was seeing it would  remain between me and it... which prevented me from ever coming directly in contact with the material form. Just as an incandescent body which is moving towards something wet never actually touches moisture, since it is always preceded, itself, by a zone of evaporation.”
                            Marcel Proust

“The Wright brothers could not solve the problem of how to turn their airship while keeping it stabilized until they watched a buzzard turn by twisting its wing tip. The inventors copied the buzzard by linking control wires to flaps on the wings of their airship.”
                            R. McKim

“Contrariwise,” continued Tweedledee, “If it was so, it might be; and if it were so, it would be: But as it isn’t, it ain’t. That’s logic.”
                                    Lewis Carroll

“The fatal errors of life are not due to man’s being unreasonable. An unreasonable moment may be one’s finest moment. They are due to man’s being logical.”
                                 Oscar Wilde

“A Hindu once told me that he was worried about Americans because they didn’t have any traditions to fall back on. When Americans go into the unconscious without religion and without art, they are going to be in trouble because they have no way to integrate the experience.”
                                              Anais Nin

“From the earliest times the old have rubbed it into the young that they are wiser than them, and before the young had discovered what nonsense this was they were old too, and it profited them to carry on the imposture.”
                                          W. Somerset Maughan

“Somebody’s boring me.....I think it’s me.”
                        Dylan Thomas

“The mind is a kind of theater.”
                                           David Hume

An interviewer asked David Mamet, “Where do you get your ideas?” He replied, “I think of them.”

“If you’re working on a problem you think you can solve in your lifetime, you’re not thinking big enough.”
                                                    Wes Jackson

                 18. Travel.

“Worth seeing? Yes; but not worth going to see.”
                    Dr. Johnson

“With your head
full of brains
and your shoes full
of feet...
Oh, the places you’ll go!”
        Dr. Seuss

“To fathom Hell, or soar angelic,
just take a pinch of psychedelic.”
                  Dr. Humphrey Osmond

(He coined the word “psychedelic,” which was a misspelling, because the word should have been “psychodelic.”)

“Travelling can be a lot of work, just to be somewhere else.”
                                                                Michael Lipsey

“The sole cause of man's unhappiness is that he does not know how to stay quietly in his room.”
                                              Blaise Pascal       Pensées (1670)

“If the storm within gets too loud, I take a glass too much to stun myself.”
                                                              Vincent Van Gogh

“Teach thy tongue to say 'I do not know,' and thou shalt progress.”

                   19. Truth.

“If you tell the truth, you won’t have to remember what you said.”
                            Mark Twain

“Truth is the safest lie.”
            Yiddish Proverb

“We enjoy seeing through others, but not being seen through.”
                                                   La Rochefoucauld

“Truth is such a rare thing, it is delightful to tell it.”
                    Emily Dickinson

“The most positive men are the most credulous.”
                        Alexander Pope

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that.”
                    Martin Luther King

“There is no mistake so great as that of being always right.”
                            Samuel Butler

“If there were a verb meaning “to believe falsely,” it would not have any significant first person, present indicative.”

“There is no surer sign of greatness than ignoring hurtful or insulting expressions by attributing them without further ado, like countless other errors, to the speaker’s lack of knowledge and thus merely taking note of them without feeling them.”

“Truth is never pure, and rarely simple.”
            Oscar Wilde

“No people are more often wrong than those who cannot bear to be.”
                                                       La Rochefoucauld

“The truth is the lie that enables a species to survive.”

“Paper will put up with anything that is written on it.”
                            Joseph Stalin

“Indecision is the key to flexibility.”
            T.F. Weiner

“A harmful truth is better than a useful lie.”
                    Thomas Mann

“A comedian of the older generation did an “act” and he told the audience, “This is my act.” Today’s comic is not doing an act. The audience assumes he’s telling the truth. What is truth today may be a damned lie next week. The truth. When I’m interested in a truth, it’s really a truth truth, one hundred percent. And that’s a terrible kind of truth to be interested in.”
                                                                     Lenny Bruce

“Lenny Bruce opened all the doors, and people like Richard Pryor and I were able to walk thru them.”
                        George Carlin

“I am cross with mankind.”

“All artists put their own being into their work. If you start making secrets out of your life, then the art will become untrue or insincere.
                                   Fassbinder (film director)

“Secrets, silent, stony, sit in the dark palaces of our hearts, secrets weary of their tyranny: tyrants willing to be dethroned.”
                        James Joyce

“You can’t lie in poetry. If you are a liar, you’ll always be discovered. Perhaps now, perhaps in five years, in ten years, but you are going to be discovered if you are lying... the only job in which one cannot lie is poetry.”
                        George Seferis

“I’m pure with myself, man. I don’t bullshit Ike. I bite the bullet. I don’t lie to me.”
                            Ike Turner

“No matter how thin you slice it, it’s still baloney.”
                                 Al Smith

“There are ways of curing madness, but none of righting the wrong-headed.”
                                                   La Rochefoucauld

“Every time I paint a portrait I lose a friend.”
            John Singer Sargent

“...still, man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest.”
                                       Paul Simon

“The soul has no secrets that conduct does not reveal.”
                    Chinese Proverb

“You have to learn to see the truth behind the lie behind the truth.”
                                   Native American Proverb

“You have to look straight at all of it or you have no business being here at all.”
                                    Sebastian Junger

“You’ve got to be liked, you know that’s terribly important, but you don’t have the ego strength to take the criticism that comes to anyone who is telling the truth, so as a result you don’t tell the truth.”
                                Adelle Davis

“Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows.”
                                George Orwell

“Truth is as delicate as a tender plant. It has survived a harsh winter and now will grow.”

“It is customary for new truths to begin as heresies and to end as superstitions.”
                                    Thomas Huxley

“What is terrible when you seek the truth, is that you find it.
                                               French essayist quoted by Victor Serge

“Appear as you are
  Be as you appear.”

“Let us try for once not to be right.”
                            Tristan Tzara

“From bitter searching of the heart
We rise to play a greater part.”
                                 Leonard Cohen

“I pretended to be somebody I wanted to be until finally I became that person.”
                                 Archibald Leach, better known as Cary Grant

“If I were two-faced,  would I be wearing this one?”
                                     Abraham Lincoln

“Three people can keep a secret if two are dead.”
                                                    Ben Franklin

“ ‘I told you so.’ The brilliance of this phrase derives from its admirably compact way of making the point that not only was I right, I was also right about being right. In the instant of uttering it, I became right squared, maybe even right factorial, logarithmically right -- really, extremely right, and really, extremely delighted about it.”
                                                Kathryn Schulz, from Being Wrong

                                    20. Work.

“It is well with me only when I have a chisel in my hand.”

“An unfulfilled vocation drains the color from a man’s entire existence.”

“One must work, nothing but work, and one must have patience.”
                                Auguste Rodin

Search all the parks in all your cities, you'll find no statues of committees.
                                                                  David Ogilvy

Experience is our only teacher.
                         John Wanamaker

“I don’t make myself work. It’s just the thing I want to do. To be completely alone in a room, to know that there’ll be no interruptions and I’ve got eight hours is just exactly what I want -- yeah, just paradise.”
                        William Burroughs

“I resolved to work in silence until the day when I should feel myself able to defend in theory the results of my attempts.”
                        Paul Cezanne

“The question is, could it be done? The answer is, Absolutely.”
                        Jeff Bezos

“He was energy itself, and shed around him a kindling influence, an atmosphere of life, full of the ideal...he was a man without a mask, his aim was single, his path straightforward, his wants few, so he was free, noble, and happy. His voice and manner were quiet, yet all awake with intellect. Above the tricks of littleness or the least taint of affectation, with a natural dignity which few would have dare to affront, he was gentle and affectionate, loving,, to be with little children and to talk about them... those may laugh at this who did not know such a one as Blake, but of him it is the simple truth.”
                                      Samuel Palmer

“I had no more thought of becoming a painter than of breathing...it pleased me to paint and I worked hard...as for me I never had a goal in mind...”A goal is a servitude,” wrote Nietzsche. It is very bad when one notices that one is a painter...if I had any intention it was to accomplish myself day by day. In accomplishing myself I found what I did resembled a painting. Making my way I continued...so....but as one never lives outside of circumstances, when, in 1907, the ten canvases that I exhibited at the Salon des Independents were sold, I said to myself that I could do nothing else.”
                            Georges Braque

“The principal factor in my success has been an absolute desire to draw constantly. I never decided to be an artist. Simply, I couldn’t stop myself from drawing. I drew for my own pleasure. I never wanted to know whether or not someone liked my drawings. I have never kept one of my drawings. I drew on walls, the school blackboard, old bits of paper, the walls of barns. Today I’m still as fond of drawing as when I was a kid -- and that’s a long time ago -- but, surprising as it may seem, I never thought about the money I would receive for my drawings. I simply drew and drew.”
                                Windsor McCay

“I was a sculptor before I was born. I was driven and lashed onward by powerful forces outside myself. There was no other path, and no matter how hard I might have tried to find one, I would have been forced back again.”
                        Gustave Vigelund

“I have done all I could. I have done my best.”
                        Evelyn Waugh

“When difficulties stopped me in my work, I said to myself: I have colors, a canvas, and I must express myself with purity.”

“I have not come to amuse myself, but to work. Freedom is too precious a possession to be squandered.”
        Andrey Sinyavsky (after being released from Russia)

To feel the meaning of what one is doing and to rejoice in that meaning, to unite in one fact the unfolding of the inner emotional life and the ordered development of material external conditions -- that is art.”
                                John Dewey

“It’s just sticking to what you want to do, believing in yourself, and having to suffer. Yes, suffer. It hasn’t always been great. It takes a lot of work. People say, “Oh Wolfman’s made it,” but I work, man. It takes a lot of hard working hours. If you’re not prepared for hard work, forget it.”
                            Wolfman Jack

“I more or less know what I want to do for the rest of my life. I wish to do my work and keep out of trouble.”
                            Charles McCabe

“I asked the skin doctor why skin doctors do such poor work. “Oh,” he said, “we don’t do any worse than the other doctors; it’s just that you can see the results of our work.”
                            John Cage

Like vinegar to the teeth, and smoke
              to the eyes,
             so is the sluggard to those who
              send him.
                             Proverbs 10.26
“The modern economic order is now bound to the technical and economic conditions of machine production which today determine the lives of all the individuals who are born into this mechanism, not only those directly concerned with economic acquisition, with irresistible force. Perhaps it will so determine them until the last ton of fossilized coal is burnt.”
                                                                             Max Weber  1904

“Where else can you go so far without knowing anything?”
                                 Minnie Marx, mother of the Marx Brothers

“Some years I’m the coolest thing that ever happened, and the next year everyone’s so over me.”

“I am a survivor. I am like a cockroach, you just can’t get rid of me.”

21. Writing.

“The whole living thing of creation is that moment when you know what you feel.”
                                            Charles Olson

“Goddamn it, feeling is what I like in art, not craftiness and the hiding of feelings.”
                             Jack Kerouac

“It is more important to study men than books.”
                                                    La Rochefoucauld

“I take dictation from myself. I talk about myself behind my back.”
                            Carrie Fisher

“Writing’s just as natural to me as getting up and cooking breakfast. I ain’t never far away from a pencil and paper or a tape recorder. I write every day, even when I’m on a plane, in the tub or on the bus. It burns in me. Songwriting is my way of channeling my feelings and thoughts. My head would explode if I didn’t get some  of that stuff out.  Not everything I write is good, but it’s all good for me -- like therapy.
                            Dolly Parton

“When once a student knows who he is, where he is, and that he is here and now, making art will follow as naturally as falling off a snow covered log.”
                            Joel Chandler Harris

“Promises for apparently impossible contingencies are not given. But if one achieves the impossible, the promises appear retrospectively, precisely where one had looked in vain for them before.”

“Luck is...hard work.”
        Barbara Walters

“If you’re by nature an optimistic person, which I am, that puts you in a better position to be lucky.”
                        Chuck Close

“People need to think of themselves as fortunate.”
                    Jeff Bezos

“I started in medicine and I wanted medicine and certainly not literature. Jesus Christ no!”

“I didn’t expect that anybody would be interested in my kind of writing. I was interested, and this was for me enough.”
                            Isaac Bashevis Singer

“When I first met Harold Ross he asked me if I knew English. I thought he meant French or a foreign language. But he repeated, ‘Do you know English?’ When I said I did he replied, ‘Godamn it, nobody knows English.”
                                James Thurber

“Proper evaluation of words and letters in their phonetic and associated sense can bring people of earth into the clear light of pure cosmic wisdom.”
                                  Sun Ra

“A book should serve as the axe for the frozen sea within us.”

“All writing is pigshit, especially this.”

“Take eloquence and wring its neck.”
                Paul Verlaine

“I hate poetry.”
    Michael Yeats, son of W.B. Yeats

“An inveterate and incurable itch for writing besets many.”
                                         Juvenal, about 128 A.D.

“I’ve never made a career of anything, not even of writing. I started out with nothing in the world but a kind of passion, a driving desire. I don’t know where it came from, and I do not know why -- or why I should have been so stubborn about it that nothing could deflect me. But this thing between me and my writing is the strongest bond I have ever had -- stronger than any bond or any engagement with any human being or with any other work I've ever done.”
                            Katherine Ann Porter

“Allen Ginsberg asked me when he was nineteen years old, should I change my name to Allen Renard? You change your name to Allen Renard I’ll kick you right in the balls! Stick to Ginsberg...and he did. Allen Renard!!”
                            Jack Kerouac

“The beginning of the fear with me was, you know, what would my father say to something that I would write. At the time, writing Howl -- I assumed when writing it that it was something that could not be published because I wouldn’t want my daddy to see what was in there. About my sex life, being fucked in the ass, imagine your father reading a thing like that, was what I thought.”
                            Allen Ginsberg

A scientist asks, Why does it work?
An engineer asks, How does it work?
An accountant asks, How much does it cost?
An English major asks, Do you want fries with that?

New voice saying new words at a new speed
  From which the future erupts like struck oil
                                               Philip Larkin

“There is no way of writing well and also of writing easily.
                                 Anthony Trollope

only my written word
I’d sacrificed everything
Including sex and woman, or lost them
to this attempt to acquire complete concentration
the conventional robe and bread
not worry or have to worry about either
                               Charles Olson

“You must study human nature and act accordin’. You can’t study human nature in books. Books is a hindrance more than anything else. If you have been to college, so much the worse for you. You’ll have to unlearn all you learned before you can get right down to human nature, and unlearnin’ takes a lot of time. Some men can never forget what they learned at college.”
                    George Washington Plunkitt

When people talk, listen completely. Most people never listen.
                                                       Ernest Hemingway

“Watch your language!”
“English, what’s yours?”
                   Old vaudeville joke

“The difference between the almost-right word and the right word is really a large matter. It’s the difference between the lightning-bug and the lightning.”
                                                          Mark Twain

“The most influential books are always those that are not read.”
                                                          Michael Young

“Aphorisms are crystallizations of thought.”
                                      John Lukacs

“The world we live in is the words we use.”

“Wearing down seven number-two pencils is a good day’s work.”
                                              Ernest Hemingway

“Having to read a footnote resembles having to go downstairs to answer the door while in the midst of making love.”
                                                             Noel Coward

“I write because I understand and suffer from everything that exists.”
                                                Guy De Maupassant

“Don’t tell me the moon is shining, show me the glint of it on broken glass.”

“Then Edith Sitwell appeared, her nose longer than an anteater’s, and read some of her absurd stuff.”
                                             Lytton Strachey

“Everywhere I go I'm asked if I think the university stifles writers.  My opinion is that they don't stifle enough of them.”
                                                                        Flannery O'Connor.

“Reading a translation is like looking at a Flemish tapestry, from the back.”

“My ideas usually come not at my desk writing but in the midst of living.”                                                                    Anais Nin