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Art, collages, mirrors, masks, sculpture, insanity.
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Art, collages, mirrors, masks, sculpture, insanity.
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A small plate of epigrams
Qanats In America (work in progress)
Anything Is Possible (work in progress)
It's A War Out There! (work in progress)
A Memorial To Bob (work in progress)
How To Start A Sleazy Plumbing Company (some hacker must have inserted this!)
Rudeness And Other Business Opportunities (work in progress)
Nobody Loves A Snitch, and Other Human Resources Management Matters (work in progress)
The Residential Theory Of Relativity (work in progress)
Prometheus Drenched (work in progress)
Death Of A Wholesaler
The Apology (work in progress)
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I channel an 18th century Korean cabinet. This one is gone, but I'm working on another.

Let us try for once not to be right -- Tristan Tzara mirror

“People never notice anything.”
                      J. D. Salinger


Matisse and his Bathers. I chose to show a much young man than he was when he did these paintings. The quote is from Matisse, "It was in me, this dance."

“What garlic is to salad, insanity is to art.”
                          Augustus Saint-Gaudens

The mirrors and collages are finished with multiple coats of brushing lacquer. I use acrylic, watercolor, inks, pastels, rubber stamps, decorative papers, collage, color copies, and anything else at hand. I almost always use my own epigrams on the mirrors, but occasionally I quote, as above. 

Anxiety mirror with self-portrait. Well, who isn't?

And who doesn't worry?

“In life you need either inspiration or desperation.”
                                             Tony Robbins

My only protection is this constant worry.
Red-Crested Flamingo Invasion

Phony Wisdom

This figure was made of fiberglass with pigments mixed into the resin as it was applied to the fabric. My hair is now somewhat shorter. In those days I made large fiberglass masks, and masks and figures cut out of sheets of plywood, with other wood shapes applied, some turned on a lathe. I painted the figures with automotive spray lacquers, which were difficult to master and required endless hours of sanding. 

The artist with Green Man sculpture, in the 70's.

The purposeful life must struggle with the constant maddening distractions of everyday life.

These masks are sand cast in urethane foam. The eyes are made of casting resin and dyes. I made three hundred of these. 

Some masks

I worship God's better side.

If you truly want to preserve the wilderness, stay home.

Hair anxiety

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Sometimes I really need to take some time to think.

“The truth. It is a beautiful and terrible thing, and must therefore be treated with great caution.”
                                                                       J. K. Rowling

I would cast plenty of stones, if only I were without sin.

Dignity is never in a rush.

How to live is a more difficult problem than the origin of the universe.

The basic problem of philosophy is how to live, and this is why philosophy is the only field of human knowledge that never progresses. 

A lack of communication in the relationship.