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Art, collages, mirrors, masks, sculpture, insanity.
I sit at the feet of the masters
A small plate of epigrams
Qanats In America (work in progress)
Anything Is Possible (work in progress)
It's A War Out There! (work in progress)
A Memorial To Bob (work in progress)
How To Start A Sleazy Plumbing Company (some hacker must have inserted this!)
Rudeness And Other Business Opportunities (work in progress)
Nobody Loves A Snitch, and Other Human Resources Management Matters (work in progress)
The Residential Theory Of Relativity (work in progress)
Prometheus Drenched (work in progress)
Death Of A Wholesaler
The Apology (work in progress)
We think and we link

“Either nothing is a miracle, or everything is.”
                                   Albert Einstein

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Wooster.com is my favorite art site. Street art, animation and more, worldwide.

"We are the only species that can love another species more than our own."

"An ant doesn't look like it knows where it's going, but it does."

"An environmentalist in the boardroom is worth two in the bush."

"The next age of mankind will be The Age of Consequences."

"As the top predator, we have the luxury of  being able to linger over the carcass at our dinner."

"Our brains are running software that is two million years old."

"The internet is a city in which a bad neighborhood can appear on any corner."